During the 2017 85th State Legislature Session, Senate Bill 625 was passed and signed into law requiring Special District Entities such as this one to furnish the State Comptroller's Office with additional financial reports that show debt that the District may have.  Pressing the button below will take you to the State's Website where this information is posted.

Bexar County Emergency Services District No. 1 is a taxing entity recognized as a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  It's primary purpose is to levy a tax and use this tax revenue to provide fire suppression and first responder services to the citizens living within the boundaries of the District.

Throughout the years, our State Legislators have passed many laws that set parameters and requirements, that the District, as a taxing entity is required to follow.  Many of these laws are aimed at transparency of showing how your tax dollars are being utilized.  In an effort to streamline your possible searches for this information, this page will have buttons linking you to the page or section that provides this information.

There are 11 Emergency Services Districts (ESD's) in Bexar County.  Bexar County does not have elected Board Commissioners like some ESD's in Texas.  Bexar County Commissioner's Court appoints the individuals who serve on ESD's.

All of the information provided on this page is per State requirements for ESD's with appointed Board Commissioners.

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As required by Section 26.04 (e) of the Texas Property Tax Code.

In accordance with the Texas Tax Code Section 26.18.6, the change in the amount of the taxing unit's budget from the preceding year to the current year by dollar amount and percentage is $ 62,463 and is a 6.81 % increase over the prior year.

In accordance with the Texas Tax Code Section 26.18.7 thru 26.18.13, the amount of property tax revenue budgeted for maintenance/operations, debt service and the tax rates adopted for maintenance/operations and debt service are listed below:

NOTE:  ESD No. 1 does not and has never had any debt during its years of operation.  Tax revenue budgeted and tax rate related to debt for the District are not shown since they are zero.


Tax Revenue budgeted for Maintenance & Operations:

Tax Rate adopted for Maintenance & Operations:

FY 2020

$ 1,014,414

$ 0.10/100

FY 2019

$ 914,544

$ 0.10/100

FY 2018

$ 849,088

$ 0.10/100